Initial Coaster 4" Square / G
Initial Coaster 4" Square / A
Initial Trivet 6" - P
Obama - New York Times - Believe
Rome Fountain / Bronzed Locks Leather Handbag
Allure 12" Tile
Amalfi Arch 8 x10 Ceramic Tile
Amalfi Arch Window
Amalfi Mix
Anything but Plain
Aqua Damask Ribbon Tile
Arc de Triomphe
Art Noveau Lamp Post
Bat Boo Ready to Hang 6" Tumbled Marble
Bat Boo Ribbon Tile
Be Gentle With Yourself - Max Ehrmann 6" Wall Decor Tile
Bee Farm
Bee Farm Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Bee Farm 6" Trivet
Bee Farm 12" Tile
Bee Farm Ribbon Tile
Believe Cherub Gold
Bella Bella
Black Damask Bike
Black Ornate Easel for 4 inch Tile
Blessing Pink Angel
Blessings Gold Cherub
Blessings Red Scroll
Blue Fleur De Lis
Blue Shutter Street Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Blue View
Blue View 12" Tile
Bon Appetit Blue/Brown Toile
Bon Appetit Red/Grey Toile
Bon Appetit 12" Tile
Bon Appetit Gold
Bon Appetit Ready to Hang Ribbon Tile
Bon Appetit Sage 12" Tile
Bon Appetit Sage Toile
Bon Appetit Sage Toile
Bon Appetit Sage Toile Ribbon
Bonjour Gold Ribbon Tile
Bonjour / Plum Toile
Boun Giourno / Window
Boun Giourno / Window 6 " Trivet
Boun Giourno 12" Tile
Boun Giourno Window Box 6" Trivet
Bountiful Harvest
Bountiful Harvest 12" Tile
Bountiful Harvest 6" Trivet
Bountiful Harvest Ribbon Tile
Bouquet Deux Ribbon Tile
Brilliant French Tulips
Brilliant Tulips
Brilliant Tulips 12" Tile
Buon Appetito Ribbon Tile
Buon Giorno / Window Box
Buon Natale / Fleur De Lis
Buon Natale Cherub
C'est La Vie
C'est la Vie 6" Trivet
C'est LaVie 12" Tile
Cafe Italiano - Stripe 6" Wall Decor Tile Trivet
Cafe Italiano Coaster Mural
Caffe Italiano
Caffe Italiano 12" Tile
Caffe Italiano Ribbon
Caffe Italiano Ribbon Tile
Caffe Italiano Ribbon Tile
Caffe Latte Ribbon Tile
Caffe Latte Ribbon Tile
Capri Coaster Set
Ceramic Glossy 8 x 10 Inch Ready to Hang Tiles
Charming Ride
Charming Ride
Charming Ride 12" Tile
Charming Ride 6" Trivet
Charming Ride Ribbon Tile
Chef Italiano
Chef Italiano 12" Tile
Chef Italiano Ribbon Tile
Cherub - Flute Ribbon Tile
Cherub Tiffany Blue
Climbing Ivy
Coaster Mural Bee Farm
Coco Chanel - Nothing Great Happens Till After Your Forty
Come Quickly, I am Tasting Stars - Dom Perignon
Coral Crepes
Count Your Age By Friends Not Years 6" Wall Decor Tile
Cucina 12" Tile
Cucina 6" Trivet
Dancing Waters
Dancing Waters 12" Tile
Dancing Waters 6" Trivet
Dolce Vita
Eifel Tower Pink
Eifel Tower Pink 6 ' Trivet
Eifel Tower Pink 6 " Trivet
Eiffel Tower Aqua / Fleur De Lis
Eiffel Tower - Fleur De Lis / Natural
Eiffel Tower - Fleur De lis / Natural 12" Tile
Eiffel Tower Aqua 12"Tile
Eiffel Tower Aqua Damask
Eiffel Tower Lady Liberty
Eiffel Tower Pink
Eiffel Tower Pink
Eiffel Tower Pink 12" Tile
Eleven Roses In Paris
Eleven Roses in Paris
Eleven Roses In Paris 12 " Tile
Eleven Roses in Paris 6" Trivet
Eleven Roses in Paris Coaster Mural
Enchanted Doorway
Enchanted Doorway 12" Tile
European Cherubs
First Bloom Ribbon Tile
Five Trees in Paris Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Fleur De Lis 4" Coaster
Fleur De Lis Black 12" Tile
Fleur de lis Black and White
Fleur De Lis Blue
Fleur De Lis Blue 12" Tile
Fleur de Lis Blue/Brown 6" Ready to Hang Trivet
Fleur de lis Coaster 4 " Square
Fleur de Lis Original
Fleur De lis Original 12 " Tile
Fleur De Lis Red/Black Toile
Florentine Frescoes
French and Italian Wall Decor / Trivets
French Blue / Fleur De Lis 6 " Trivet
French Bread
French Bread 12" Tile
French Bread 6" Trivet
French Cherub Damask
French Classic
French Coffee
French Coffee 12" Tile
French Flair
French Flair 12" Tile
French Flair 6" Trivet
French Floral
French Floral One 6" Trivet
French Garden Studio 12" Marble tile
French Garden Studio 6" Marble Wall Decor Tile
French Rose One
French Rose One 12" Tile
French Rose One 6 " Trivet
French Rose Ribbon One
French Rose Two
French Rose Two 12 " Tile
French Rose Two Ribbon
French Soap Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
French Touch
French Touch 12" Tile
French Touch Ribbon Tile
French Window
French Window 12" Tile
Fromage 12" Tile
Garden Studio
Garden Studio 8 x 10 Ceramic Tile
Garden Studio Coaster Mural
Garden Studio Ribbon Tile
Giverny Florals Tumbled Marble Coasters
Glad Tidings
Gold Damask Bunny Ribbon Tile
Golden Italy
Gothic Renaissance
Graceful Paris Ribbon Tile
Hillside Ride
Hillside Ride
Hillside Ride Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Hillside Ride 12" Tile
Holiday / Seasonal
Holiday Wishes
Hotel Paris
Hotel Paris 12" Tile
Hotel Paris Pink
Hotel Toro Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Hydrangea on Trellis Ribbon Tile
Hydrangea Pink Stripe Ribbon Tile
Hydrangea Red 12" Tile
Hydrangea Red Ribbon Tile
Hydrangea Yellow Ribbon Tile
Hydrangeas on Parade
If You Obey All the Rules You Miss All the Fun - Katharine Hepburn
Il Trovatore
Il Trovatore 12" Tile
Impressionistic Morn
In the Pink
In Order To Be Irreplaceable One Must Always Be Different - Coco Chanel 6" Wall Decor Tile
Initial Coaster 4" Square / E
Initial Coaster 4" Square / B
Initial Coaster 4" Square / C
Initial Coaster 4" Square / D
Initial Coaster 4" Square / F
Initial Coaster 4" Square / H
Initial Coaster 4" Square / I
Initial Coaster 4" Square / J
Initial Coaster 4" Square / K
Initial Coaster 4" Square / L
Initial Coaster 4" Square / M
Initial Coaster 4" Square / N
Initial Coaster 4" Square / O
Initial Coaster 4" Square / P
Initial Coaster 4" Square / Q
Initial Coaster 4" Square / R
Initial Coaster 4" Square / S
Initial Coaster 4" Square / T
Initial Coaster 4" Square / U
Initial Coaster 4" Square / V
Initial Coaster 4" Square / W
Initial Coaster 4" Square / X
Initial Coaster 4" Square / Y
Initial Coaster 4" Square / Z
Initial Coasters
Inspirational Tiles - Words of Wisdom
Italian Lunch
Italian Market Tumbled Marble Coasters
Ivy Ride
Ivy Ride 12" Tile
Ivy Ride 6" Trivet
Ivy Ride 6" Trivet
Ivy Ride Ribbon Tile
Je t' aime
Jewel Tone Damask
Joie de Vivre / Fleur de lis
Joie de Vivre Aqua Damask
Joie de Vivre Blue/Brown
Joie De Vivre Original
Joie De Vivre Original 12" Tile
Joie de Vivre Original 6 " Trivet
Joy Green Scroll
Joy Red Scroll
Joyeux Noel / Fleur De Lis
Joyeux Noel Cherub
Keep Calm and Carry On Fushia/ Orange
Keep Calm and Carry / Black and White Ribbon Tile
Keep Calm and Carry On - 6" Ready to Hang Tile
Keep Calm and Carry On - Aqua
Keep Calm and Carry On - Pink Stripe
Keep Calm and Carry On Aqua 12" Tile
Keep Calm and Drink Wine Ribbon Tile
La Boheme
La Boheme 12" Tile
La Boheme Ribbon
La Dolce Vita Gold
La Dolce Vita Stripe
La Dolce Vita Stripe 12" Tile
La Dolce Vita Stripe Ribbon Tile
La Fourmi Ailee
La Fourmi Ailee - Paris
La Fourmi Ailee 12" Tile
La Luna Stripe
La Luna Stripe Ribbon Tile
La Pernice
La Pernice 12" Tile
La Pernice Ribbon
Lady Liberty Coaster Mural
Lady Liberty Coaster Mural
Lady of the Arts
Lady of the Arts 6" Trivet
Lavender Abbey
Lavender Abbey 12" Tile
Lavender Abbey 6" Trivet
Lavender Field Ribbon Tile
Le Jardin Pink Fleur De Lis
Le Jardin Pink Fleur de Lis 6" Trivet
Le Jardin Pink/Green Ribbon
Lemoncello 12" Tile
Lemoncello Coaster Mural
Lemoncello Ribbon Tile
Librairie Paris
Librarie Paris 12" Tile
Life is but a Dream
Life is but a Dream 6" Trivet
Life Is But A Dream 12" Tile
Life is but a Dream 6 " Trivet
Life is but a Dream 6 " Trivet
Limone 12" Tile
Limone Ribbon Tile
Lion Deville
Lion Deville 12" Tile
Lion Deville 6" Trivet
Literary Left Bank
Living in Provence
London - Crown Damask
Love Birds Vintage Valentine Ribbon Tile
Love What is Ahead by Loving What has Come Before
Love's Message Vintage Ribbon Tile
Love, Peace and Joy
Loved Aqua Blue Ribbon Tile
Lucky You Ribbon Tile
Madeleine 12" Tile
Madeleine 6 " Ready to Hang Tile
Magical Christmas Ribbon Tile
Mandala 12" Tile
Mandala Ribbon Tile
Mangia Mangia Ribbon Tile
Marche Coaster Set
Market Bike
Market Bike
Market Bike Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Market Bike 12" Tile
Market Bike Ribbon Tile
Mercato 6" Trivet
Mercato Ribbon Tile
Metro Tumbled Marble Tile
Mural Anything but Plain
My Other House is in France
My Other House is in France
My Other House is in France / 12 inch Tumbled Marble Tile
No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent - Eleanor Roosevelt
Nothing Great Happens Till After Your Forty-Coco Chanel Ribbon Tile
Notre Dame
Notre Dame Ribbon Tile
Obama - In Our Lifetime Restoration
Obama - Los Angeles Times
Obama - Wall Street Journal
Obama NY Times
Oh The Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss 6" Wall Decor Tile
Old Gold
Old Gold Ribbon Tile
Olde Navy
Olde Navy 12 " Tile
On a Terrace in Paris
Oui Madame
Pail Sail
Pail Sail 6 " Trivet
Pail Sail 12 " Tile
Paris - Crown Damask
Paris Coral / Peach Ribbon Tile
Paris Crown Lamppost
Paris Fountain / Leather Handbag
Paris French Cherubs / Madeline Petit Leather Handbag
Paris Hotel De Ville
Paris in The Spring
Paris in the Spring
Paris Metro
Paris Opera - Aqua
Paris Orleans
Paris Orleans 12" Tile
Paris St. Germaine 12 " Tumbled Marble Tile
Paris St. Germaine 6 Inch Ready to Hang Trivet
Paris St. Germaine Ribbon Tile
Parisian Lamp Post
Parisian Lamppost -Pink
Parisian Lamppost 12" Tile
Parisian Lamppost Pink
Parisian Lamppost Pink Trivet Size
Parisian Rose Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Parisian Rose Ribbon Tile
Pasta Ride
Pasta Ride 12" Tile
Pasta Ride Ribbon
Pasta Trattoria
Pasta Trattoria Stripe Ribbon Tile
PastaTrattoria 12" Tile
Peace Red Scroll Ribbon Tile
Perfect Plum Ribbon Tile
Perfumed Oil 6" Ready to Hang Trivet
Petit Floral
Pink Damask Ribbon Tile
Pink Hydrangea Stripe
Pink Hydrangea Stripe 12 " Tile
Place Maubert
Place Maubert 12" Tile
Place Maubert 6 " Trivet
Plum View
Portofino Sail
Portofino Sail 12" Tile
Portofino Sail 6" Trivet
Portofino Sail Ribbon Tile
Positano Scooter
Positano Splendor Ready to Hang 8 x 10 Tile
Poste 12" Tile
Poste 6" Trivet
Poste 6" Wall Decor Tile
Praiano Church One
Praiano Church One 12" Tile
Praiano Church One 6" Trivet
Praiano Church One Ribbon
Praiano Church One Ribbon Tile
President Obama Historic Coaster Set
President Obama Historic Tiles
Press About Mollycoddle
Private Entrance Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Provencial Market
Ready to Fly Robin Nestlings
Red Hydrangea
Red Hydrangea 6" Trivet
Red, White and Blue
Reflections in Florence Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Reflections in Florence Ribbon Tile
Retro Ride Tumbled Marble Coaster Set
Ribbon Tile Lavender Row
Ribbon Tiles 4" Ready to Hang
Robin in Nest
Robins Egg Blue Ribbon Tile
Roman Holiday
Rome Crown - Damask
Rusted Glory
Rusted Glory 12" Tile
Rusted Glory Ribbon Tile
Saint Andre
Santa Red Stripe Ribbon Tile
Santa Wreath Ribbon Tile
Scarlet 6" Trivet
Scarlet 12" Tile
Scatter Joy
Seaside Positano
Signature Paris
Simply French Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Simply French 12" Tile
Simply French Color
Simply French Color Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Simply French Color 12" Tile
Simply French Paris - Color
Simply French Ribbon Tile
Skeleton - Boo Ribbon Tile
Skeleton Boo Ready to Hang 6" Tumbled Marble
Skull / Boo Ready to Hang 6" Tumbled Marble
Skull Boo 4" Ribbon Tile
Sláinte Ribbon Tile
Spring in Giverny
Spring in Giverny 12" Tile
Spring In Giverny Ribbon Tile
Spring Maidens
St . Remy Provence 12" Tile
St. Remy Provence
Stone Boat
Stone Boat 12" Tile
Stone Cherubs 6" Trivet
Stone Cherubs 8 x10 Ready to Hang Ceramic Tile
Sundried 12" Tile
Sundried Ribbon Tile
Talking Italian
Tartelette Citron
Tartelette Fruit
The Bike
The Italian Way
The Lourve
The Time to Repair the Roof is When the Sun is Shining - John F. Kennedy
Theatre 12" Tile
This Way to St.Chapelle 6" Trivet
Tiffany Blue Cheub Two
Timeless Tuscany
Timeless Tuscany Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Timeless Tuscany 12" Tile
Timeless Tuscany Coaster Mural
Timeless Tuscany Ribbon Tile
Tis The Season
To St. Germaine
To St. Germaine 12" Tile
To St. Germaine Ribbon Tile
To Talk Well Is A Great Art - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Trust Life 6" Wall Decor Ready to Hang Tile
Tumbled Marble Coasters
Tumbled Marble Coasters
Tuscan Ride
Tuscan Ride 12" Tile
Tuscan Ride Ribbon Tile
Tuscan Ride Ribbon Tile
Umber Hues
Umber Hues 12" Tile
Umber Hues Ribbon Tile
Under the Tuscany Sun
Under The Tuscany Sun Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Under The Tuscany Sun 12" Tile
Under the Tuscany Sun Coaster Mural
Under the Tuscany Sun Ribbon Tile
Unveiling Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Unveiling 6" Trivet
Unveiling 12" Tile
Unveiling 12" Tile
Unveiling 6" Trivet
Unveiling Ribbon Tile
Venetian Grandeur
Venice Harbor
Venice Harbor 12" Tile
Venice Harbor Ribbon Tile
Venice Harbor Trivet Size
Vespa in Paris
Via Dell' Amore 6" Trivet
Victorian Santa Ribbon Tile
Villa 12" Tile
Villa 6 " Trivet
Villa Ribbon Tile
Vineyard Mist
Vineyard Mist 12" Tile
Vintage Bike
Vintage Boats
Vintage Boats
Vintage Paris
Vintage Read
Vintage Read 6" Trivet
Vintage Read 12" Tile
Vintage Santa with Flag 6" Wall Decor
Vintage Santa with Wreath 6" Wall Decor
Vita Italiana Coasters
Wall Easel for 12 inch Tile
Wall Plate Rack for 12 Inch Tile
Wall Tile Hanger for 12 inch Tiles
Week-end in Paris
Which Way In Paris
White Shutter
White Shutter Ribbon
Whitewashed Hideaway
Whitewashed Hideaway Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Whitewashed Hideaway 12" Tile
Whitewashed Hideaway 6 " Trivet
Window with a View Ribbon Tile
Windows with a View
Winter Wishes Ribbon Tile
Wisteria Ready to Hang 8 x 10 inch Tile
Wooden Shutter on Black Ornate Easel
Wooden Shutters Ribbon Tile
Yellow Hydrangea
Yellow Hydrangea 12" Tile
You are Loved Ribbon Tile

Our beautiful Mollycoddle Tiles are hand-crafted in the glorious U.S.A. Molly Mackey is a photographer whose love for the European lifestyle, architecture and history is reflected in her photography which captures authentic European charm.